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Posted by Howard on Jul 7, 2004

i cut a 3/4 inch ply into two 2ft x 8ft an additional 2ft X 2ft piece of scrap plywood which allowed me to build a 2ft X 18ft table...used drywall screws to temporarily attach the plywood to sawhorses for the gluing phase of the hull panels.

used kite string drawn tight along the table for reference lines...and additional dry wall screws along the edges of the panels every couple feet to ensure that my panel alignments did not shift while glueing. used the tables for the following steps: all hull and deck panel scarf glueing, sheer clamp gluing, sheer clamp routing (i always round the inside lower edge to make the boat a bit lighter and to avoid sharp edges on inside of the boat) and to attach the sheer clamps to the hull side panels. also did predrill holes for copper wires.

as soon as done with these steps...unscrew it all and put it away (for the next boat) as the boat now can be built the rest of the way on the sawhorses.

have used the same set-up for building 6 boats.

one last point....however, i once built simultaneuously 3 boats at a time. this table set up allows you to do the the hull panels in a day....(glueing one on top of another for matched pairs)....the deck in another day along with all the sheer clamps...and a third day for attaching sheer clamps to side panels.

i would be warry of trying to do too many hull panels on top of one another....i would only do two at a time as it can become quite difficult to ensure good fit of the scarfs with more than two piece of plywood in play at a time..(fwiw from the school of hard knocks)

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