Re: WR18 ready for launch

Posted by Peter Lyons on Jul 6, 2004

I went with glossy white tractor paint. The first coat took forever to cure (after 2.5 days, a light touch still left a fingerprint. it was 5 days before it was reasonably cured.)

I've had it out several times, and the paint is holding up okay. It's only one coat, and sure, it shows scratches in some places, and it's completely gone in others, but it'll do! I'm just about to put on a second coat tonight. I'm hoping that it will cure enough in 24 hours that I can do another coat tomorrow. Someone told me that alkyd paints like this can cause trouble curing over epoxy. Now that it's just going over an existing coat, I'm hoping to avoid some of that trouble. On the bright side, I saved $45 short-cutting it this way, compared to using the primer and paint CLC sells. I suspect that would go on much better and look nicer, but dang, that's expensive paint!

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