Re: WR18 ready for launch

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jul 6, 2004


Take a look at the picture I posted in response to Tony's message just "above" yours in the thread. Those other photos don't show the detail very well, but I think you are referring to the rubstrip/wave deflector. Inspired by Kurt Maurer's Pair o' Mill Creeks project (subtle advertisement: the website is accessible directly from CLC's builders' links page, no Googling necessary (how'd I do Kurt?)), I went to Oshkosh Lumber and got myself a 12' long 3/4" thick piece of ash and ripped four 5/32" strips off (thicker than Kurt recommends, but I was feeling adventurous), scarfed them, chopped them to length, tapered them, and glued them onto the hull. I left the sheer pretty square after glassing the deck and put the strips on "down" one and a half plys so that middle ply and the shadow line of the strip would help hide any wobbles in the deck. I did not use any screws or nails to hold the strip on, just epoxy and a whole bunch of clamps and a few straps. I did one side first, and then the other the next day. I found a photo of the second one being installed. Here it is.


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