Re: WR18 ready for launch

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jul 6, 2004


The nameplate on the deck is an onlay made from 1/32" veneers of sapele and beech (of all things). I covered my deck tip scarf with it because I didn't like the way the joint turned out. I taped the strips together with tiny pieces of packing tape and put slightly thickened epoxy on the back and taped it all down to the bare deck. Then I printed the name on some rice paper using a laser printer and put that on top after waiting overnight. Just saturated the ricepaper with unthickened epoxy and got the bubbles out as best I could. The rice paper "disappears" when saturated. Then glass the deck and yadda yadda yadda. There are similar strips (without a design) covering the butt joints back at the cockpit.

Thanks for inspiring me on the flush hatch installation. I still have fitting issues and I am sure they are not yet watertight. Maybe I will retrofit to magnets this winter. We'll see.


P.S. The name "Waegflota" is an Old English word for boat, literally Wave Floater. Hope so. Got that from Simon Winchester's book "The Meaning of Everything" about the making of the Oxford English Dictionary. A really neat story. The word is used somewhere in Beowulf apparently. There is another, "Waeghengest" which means Wave Steed that I want to use should I ever build the sailboat I am dreaming about. Probably more than you wanted to know, but words are so cool...

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