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Posted by Frank on Jul 6, 2004

I just primed and painted my hull about three weeks ago. At first I bought a can of Brightside’s poly and a can of primer but when I got home I read the label and became concerned about the primer. It did not appear to be compatible with bare epoxy finish. I then went to the interlux web site and looked at the data sheet for Brightside’s paint and found this under preparation "CLEAR EPOXY: Clean as for Bare Fiberglass above. Sand with 80 grade (grit) paper. Remove sanding residue. Apply one coat of Epoxy Barrier-Kote 404/414." I then returned the primer to the store and purchased the Barrier-Kote. I'm sure other primers work but this worked very well for me. The paint companies know the product better then anyone. Just follow the label instructions and you should be fine. Good luck.


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