Oh, MAN...!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 5, 2004

Dennis, I was thinking it was a beautiful boat... until I zoomed in 250x and saw a dust mote, a sag and some orange peel. Sheeee, I wouldn't take that thing to a dog fight!!


It's beautiful! Gorgeous!! TOO pretty!!! Really, you have outdone yerself. Petewp said "I'd be scared to sit in it" when he saw a photo of my cockpit a while back. Nonsense, I said; it was BUILT to be used!! But now I know exactly what he meant. So now I say: you're not REALLY gonna put that boat in the water, are you? Hey man, you're gonna get DIRT in it, and scratch the finish!! Omigod!!!

Seriously, it's seriously nice. I wish to hell I could watch you launch it...

Cheers! Kurt

In Response to: WR18 ready for launch by Dennis Rioux on Jul 5, 2004