WR18 ready for launch

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jul 5, 2004

First of all, thank you to everyone on the forum who has taken the time to answer my many questions. I appreciate your collective wisdom and experience -- you have made this a much smoother project than it would have been without your help.

There are a couple things yet to be done (for example, the knee braces should probably go inside at some point rather than shimming up the hull as here) but I really just need to get out there and do some paddling. I can no longer justify fighting the dust motes, sags, and orange peel in my finish, so here I go.

By the way, I had one of the first batch of WR18 kits with the inside hull (heavyweight) and deck (lightweight) glass packages mixed up. The instructions being what they are (sparse) and my inexperience being what it was (immense), I ended up with 4 oz in the interior. CLC said it was okay and sent me some more 4 oz for the deck. However, I have left explicit instructions with my spouse that should this arrangement prove less than structurally sound she should post a warning following my untimely demise.

More later (I hope), Dennis