Another Finished!

Posted by Chris Taylor on Jul 4, 2004

Hey Gang,

Here is another one out of the shop. Hope the picture works This is my second Chesapeak 16 and vastly superior to my first build. It is amazing what I have learned in process and from all of you on this forum. Some points of interest are that I was meticulous on avoiding anything that would add unneccessary weight. The result was a final weight of 40 lbs fully rigged and fitted. I also did veneer onlays with great ease and terrific results. I encourage you to do this as it really adds a unique touch. I was surprised how noticable the lower weight (about 12 lbs) made on the water. The boat accelerates faster and feels a little more tender in the initial stability. She does ride a bit higher too and I hope this will not be an issue in higher winds. So far the same great tracking I have come to expect from the Ches. Thanks again to all of you who have generously posted you invaluable tips.