Re: Greenland Style Paddl

Posted by Petewp on Jul 3, 2004

Its tough to call a Greenland Paddle a lesser paddle in any stretch of the definition. Too, because some folks lag behind the group - and are using GP's it cant be said its a result of the paddle design.

Specificaly you'll notice the following when compairing paddling experience between the two paddles...

1. Less fatigue over the long haul from the GP as its higher aspect [long and skinny] paddle is actually more efficient than the larger stubby euro.

2. The euro WILL accelerate quicker giving the impression the cruising pace is actually higher too - and it might be, but the quicker take off does help accentuate it. That said, quick accelaration can be great when trying to catch a wave - hence a euro.

3. GP's tend to allow accelration at there own speed - youll kno it because it wobbles like the dickens if you try to overshoot it.

4. Again, GP's are said to be a lot easier on the joints over the long haul.

I paddle a euro - I like to sprint to cartch a wave now and then and I like paddling shallows where a GP would get stuck in the mud.


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