Re: Fast 'kayak' 18 MPH +

Posted by Petewp on Jul 3, 2004

Hydrofoils in boats period seem to have always been a fringe interest, despite the speed advantages. Its more widespread now - even my local ferry for long island sound has a highspeed hydrofoil. All in all tho, Im just guessing this will be a passing novelty as few kayakers are really up to the 6 to 7 mph you mention to get it up there. Interstingly, sailboats which on a decent reach can outstrip the best kayaker have also very very few hydrofoils on the market - with the Hobie Trifoiler being one exception that comes to mind. Im guessing the foils need a fairly flat surface sea to work effectively - tho when they do work, like the Hobie - a stunning 40mph can be attained they claim. Another craft coming close to this was the now defunct TRIAK a sailing kayak which for reasons Im not sure of faded away.

Ill say one thing tho - something that all sailing kayaks could benefit from is a lifting foil at the bow, above the waterline to help deflect the craft OVER the wave instead of going thru it - as I know my WR180 most certainly will when outfitted with the sailrig.

Hydrofoils are an engaging topic really on any craft, paddling, seems to put it in an even more exclusive group than the niche that already uses it. My apologies if you post wasnt meant as spam, tho posting a link and pic/movie of a craft not produced by the BBS host company can makle it seem suspect.


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