Re: Greenland Style Paddl

Posted by John in Dallas on Jul 3, 2004

Comparing a Greenland style paddle to a Euro stype paddle is like comparing different gears on a bicycle. The Greenland paddle uses a slightly higher stroke rate with less power on each stroke. I can paddle all day using a Greenland paddle without becoming tired.

It is also easier to do awesome sweep strokes by sliding a hand out on a Greenland blade. I find rolling just as easy because blade position is more obvious without moving one's hand.

A weakness of the Greenland paddle is that it doesn't produce the quick power strokes that are often needed in moving rivers. It is also most effective when used on kayaks with low cockpit coamings.

I use a Greenland paddle almost exclusively now, except for racing and race practice an disagree with the earlier reply suggesting that the Greenland paddles are 'slower'. Slowness is probably more a function of those particular paddlers.

Greenland paddles are easy to make, and typicially weigh between 24 and 30 ounces if made well.


Making a West Greenland Paddle (pdf)

In Response to: Greenland Style Paddle by Lloyd on Jul 2, 2004