Re: General S&G Tip

Posted by Archie M. Sullivan on Jun 30, 2004

I saw Kurt's end strip tip and thought that it would be a nice touch on my MC 16.5 currently under construction but, like Joe, had no easy way to rip wood. So on one of my almost daily visits to Lowe's I picked up a 5/16" oak dowel - they also had poplar but I chose the oak for it's hardness. A scrap board, a little hot glue and a few licks with the block plane resulted in a half round shape. I then tried steaming to get the half dowel to conform to the curve but without success - cracked. Notching every 1/4" did the trick. Attached to stem and stern with cabosil thickened epoxy and sanded. Did I mention that the dowel cost me 98 cents. Not bad for a buck.

98 Cent End Strips

In Response to: Re: General S&G Tip by Joe Lombardo on Jun 14, 2004