I sail a Sharpie

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jun 29, 2004

my masts are a tad to heavy for the sails from CLC. I need to thin them slightly so the sail will flatten properly as the mast bends.

I can lay out one of my sails and measure the roach if you'd like, but it'll be next week most likely. I'm getting my sloop ready for a cruise this weekend and don't have time right now.

If anyone has questions about building the Sharpie, or sailing same, feel free to email me. Just take out the nospam in the email address. We have made some mods to the boat that we feel improve it greatly. I also re-rigged mine with sprit booms rather than regular booms and we'll not go back. The Sprit booms are that much nicer to sail plus easier and faster to rig.

You can go to the Duckworks online mag site and look at the Spring Messabout pics - there are several pics there of our Sharpie under sail

Charlie Jones

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