Re: It floats

Posted by Charlie Tuna on Jun 28, 2004


Looks good.

I experienced similiar degrees of weather cocking of my CLC 17 on here maiden voyage. Of coarse the wind was blowing 20-25mph the whole weekend. I noticed that my girlfriends plastic WS Pamilico was not experiencing the same degree of weather cocking. I assume the high gunnels of the CLC has a large part in this condition.

I also thought I might need a rudder of skeg for days with similiar conditions. But have decided to wait until I get more time on the water with her. Yes she was taken out of water after the initial weekend run for some prettying up (paint and varnish). I have the tendency of putting off things and thus afraid that if I did not go ahead with the painting it might never get done.


In Response to: It floats by Dave Matthews on Jun 27, 2004