Re: It floats

Posted by Mark Camp on Jun 27, 2004

Dude, prolonged exposure to your harping DOES have an effect on people, believe it or not.

Left to my own devices (mainly a Dremel and a scraper) I would have spent this perfectly glorious afternoon in the garage, trying to get another 18 square inches of the Sharpie "good enough" to move on to page 2 of the instructions.

But then, suddenly I heard this (drawling) voice in my ear, and I pictured simply edging my way past the Project, grabbing hold of the old kayak, tossing it on the CRV, and hollering "Woman! Drive me to Water! And pick me up in an hour and a half, or failing that, come down to the Loveland Emergency Services Center (formerly known as the firehouse) and identify the body!

Know which idea won? You got it. Water shoes drying in front of the fridge, mud drying on the yakster, me happy. Tomorrow, the Sharpie. Oh, speaking of the Sharpie, once the aft deck is on, how would anyone even SEE those gouges, anyway?

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