Re: It floats

Posted by Mark Camp on Jun 27, 2004

'Give you joy of the launch', as they said in the olden days.

My CLC boat isn't even perched on the ways yet, much less swimming, and she still has a ways to go. But I did take my thoroughly modern Old Town kayak for her 2004 shakedown cruise this evening on the dreaded Class Zero-and-a-half rapids of the Little Miami between, roughly, Foster's tavern, and the jumpin' grounds of the Loveland, OH, Music festival, and I can relate! What a wonderful feeling to be back in the water again. Just being "on" the water would be fantastic, but "in" is a preposition that applies only to the kayak. It adds even more to the wonderfulness of "messing about in small boats".

You speak of boating in the Adirondacks, and I could have related to that, too, a long time ago. Enjoy!

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