Re: sport tandem

Posted by mike m on Jun 27, 2004

Thanks for the comments. At issue in my question is the paddling charactoristics of a long double with an unbalanced load. I prefer the longer narrow beam boats and have been very pleased with a pax-20 built 2 years ago. My nearly 4 year old daughter (who can swim and has near constant exposure to the water) has already done well in another double kayak in the right conditions (life jacket, warm flat water, no skirt, etc)-I would agree that a one year old has no place in a kayak. My thoughts are that the boats mentioned as better choices would work short term but would not fit us as well as my kids grow older. I do appreciate the cautious tone voiced in the comments- as a trauma surgeon I see the outcomes of foolishness and poor decisions daily and certainly would not want to put my children at risk. thanks, mike

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