Re: San O deck pad = crap

Posted by Eric Olson on Jun 27, 2004

Stew, Thanks for the link. I have it in my favorites. Is there a site with larger pics in it? Also, do you know of anyone getting the kit and modifying it at all? I am thinking that if there was some sort of cut out on the deck, you could put in one of the 3-4" deep pads (most of Dennis Pang's new boards have them) that allow you to sand out hollows for your knees. Also interestd in tiller steering. Have you heard of anyone putting the higher aspect ratio skegs with a tiller on the board? Most of the races here are downwind and I'm wondering if it would be better to be able to steer to help stay in the bumps. We don't have any kelp to worry about, but as choppy as it is, the skegs tend to come out of the water. Just a few ideas I have running through my head, but not being a designer, I don't know if they are feasable... Aloha, Eric

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