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Posted by Mike M. on Jun 26, 2004

I did my double yellow. My grandfather, who had his own painting business for 30 years, assured me that yellow is one of the hardest colors to get to cover. But we pulled it off with 3 coats. 4 would have made it perfect, but we were out of time and 3 was pretty good. Trick was not to sand off too much between coats. Just rough it up enough to get it to stick. No troubles.

I used the brightsides this time instead of the interthane 2 part epoxy-paint. I found that the brightsides is much softer than the other stuff, but both paints scratch off on the keel line anyway, and the brightsides is so easy to work with, I think I'll just keep it simple and slap on additional maintenance coats the easy way, instead of fooling with those chemically harsh alternatives.


PS having a big yellow car-topped boat makes your vehicle very easy to find in the parking lot :)

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