Re: mea culpa

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jun 25, 2004

Because Tony inspired me to do the "hybrid" hatch cover for the flush installation I thought I would add my version of the foreward hatch. Must be the most "engineered" piece on my kayak. My first crack at it left the edges flared out at a greater-than-16"-radius. So I cut some kerfs in the hatch frames, clamped the frames, filled the gaps with schmutz, and waited. No go. So I cut the cured schmutz out of the kerfs, found a scrap of maple in the basement, cut a new frame of slightly tighter radius (actually, I ended up making *three* of the damn things at 14.75" 15" and 15.25" until the fit at the edges was what I needed) and glued it all up again. Then I added the ring around the outside because I had already put double thickness sill spacers in the hatch openings. If this thing gives up the ghost in the manner Lee has described, and if I survive the ensuing excitement, I will make one out of strips with the correct radius built right in. Plywood...whoever heard of building a boat out of plywood?


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