Re: Almost time to paint

Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 25, 2004

There is a tendancy with sprayers to put too much on since it is so easy. It looks great until you turn your back and then the paint runs and sags. I suggest turning the fluid pressure on your rig to zero. Start the gun and slowly crank up the pressure until you get a good pattern. Adjust the pattern if you can for how you will paint. Not too big for a canoe. Think of your sprayed coats as "misting" it on. Practice on something else. If you need to get 2 qts of paint to do the practice and painting then figure $25 is cheap instruction. To practice spraying paint you gotta spray paint.

I prefer to roll it on. I throw the roller away. It takes less time and no thinner. I use the white round end foam 4" rollers (Home Depot or Lowes) and then tip off with a second roller (no paint loaded) lightly run over the painted surface. Have fun!

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