Re: Bizarro Hatch Laminat

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jun 25, 2004

For what it's worth, I gave up on the CLC method of double layers of ply for the flush hatch system and used the hatch frames from the original kit. I, too, was puzzled by the glass tape between the frames and the hatch. So I skipped it. Seems to have worked out fine. The hatch pieces do have 4 oz glass on their top sides from the hull glassing step, so some of the camber was already built in.

I had to add a third frame to the foreward hatch because it seems like it is the *edges* of the hatches that don't want to hold the tight radius so they flare out a bit. If the frames went all the way out to the edges of the hatch they'd probably hold the desired shape better. But then you couldn't fit them inside the deck...

For a while there I was thinking about tossing the damn things away and making strip hatch covers -- almost seems easier to build the curve in instead of bending it in.


In Response to: Bizarro Hatch Lamination by Laszlo on Jun 25, 2004