Almost time to paint

Posted by Aaron J. on Jun 25, 2004

With luck (I've had all sorts of non related setbacks in the last few weeks) I will have everything sanded down to 220 today and will start spraying on the red brightside paint to my canoe hull this weekend. The problem is that I haven't seen alot of info on doing this and the sprayer is brand new so I've never used it. That being said any tips you guys can give me will be helpful.

The the sprayer I'm wondering if I can just put some thinner in there as 'pretend paint' and find a scrap peice of wood to practice on so I can see what the adjustment knobs do and see how fast the stuff comes out. Anyone think that would hurt anything?

Once I'm done sanding I was going to wash off the hull with wet rags, let it dry and then wipe it down with a tack cloth immediatly before spraying.

The can of paint says give it 16 hours between coats so I will probably try and sand at night (although lighting will be an issue then) so no one else will be in the shop to kick up dust on the wet paint.

I have the fake steel wood for inbetween coats and the wet/dry 320 for every 4th coat or so

Anyone have any predictions on how many coats this will take?

Also I've seen different recomendations on how long the paint needs to cure. the shop BAKES during the day so the paint will have plenty of heat in there. I'm hoping to have everything done by the 17th for a trip to Shackleford NC.