Re: San O deck pad = crap

Posted by Eric Olson on Jun 24, 2004

I think that wax is the way to go. I never go bare skin on my paddleboard (tend to get rashed up). If it doesn't work, you could try rubbing the pad with rough sandpaper. It looks like crap and will definately give you nipple rash if you don't wear a rash guard, but it will be sticky. I think the wax should work, though.

Could you post some pictures? I want to order one, but won't have time until I get back from a 6-month deployment... I'm really interested in your impression of the building experience and especially curious about how it paddles. I have an Outrigger Connection Eleu. Vacuum bagged carbon fiber stock (12') board made here in Hawaii. The bottom is really round and it is VERY unstable. I can't knee paddle it to save my life, but it really paddles well when you are balanced. I want someting I can knee paddle, and if I get a new board, I would like to switch up to the unlimited class. Being able to switch back and forth from prone to knees should greatly improve my endurance... Please give any input/recommendation you have. I think it would be awesome to build my own paddleboard and then paddle the Molokai channel. Maybe next season... Aloha, Eric

In Response to: San O deck pad = crap by Scott Rasmussen, Seattle on Jun 24, 2004