Haunted Sander

Posted by Joe Lombardo on Jun 24, 2004

Before you judge me, I want you to know there was no shiner involved... I swear!

Last night after planing and sanding the chines on my Mill Creek 15, I closed down my shop, the sun room that has been under construction for about a year. Currently the sun room has new drywall and is awaiting installation of new hardwood floors.

After shutting down, I sat down in front of the tube with my wife for an hour of Curb Your Enthusiasm reruns. Afterwards, I did the night time routine... turn off the lights, make sure the doors are locked and get a glass of water. Everything in order, I closed my eyes for the night.

"Joe, Joe! There is a really loud noise coming from the sunroom!" My wife was yelling at 6:30 this morning. In a panic, I raced downstairs, rushed into the room to find my random orbital sander spinning angrily on the floor.... scratch that, through the floor. I now have a beautiful 5" round hole in my subflooring and feel very lucky there wasn't a fire from the friction.

I suspect that the sander was not really turned off, but that the plug had wiggled out of the socket just enough to temporarily turn off the sander.

If you care to hear about the big holes I put in my deck this past weekend let me know. It involves more stupidity, a grill and some more adrenaline.