My wife has done

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jun 24, 2004

MUCHO sail work on her portable Singer, including installing windows and recutting the main sail for our 21 foot sloop. She also rebuilt the trampoline for a Prindle 18 using that same machine (THAT was a trip!!) She's had problems with multiple layers but nothing she couldn't overcome.

By the way- Sunbrella is MUCH easier to sew than sailcloth.

Several tricks she's found.

Spray the thread and bobbins with spray silicone as you work- just hit it occasionally- Really helps the needle go through.

Be SURE you have the correct needles- # 16 or 18 Ball point ones. SailRite sells 'em and they are really needed.

If the thickness is just too much for the zig-zag, sew several passes of straight stitches. They hold just as well- they just aren't as stretchy as zig-zagged ones.

Be SURE the tensions are matched top and bottom- that causes big troubles if it isn't.

It isn't as easily done as it would be using a heavier machine, but by going slowly you can manage.

SailRite is a great company to deal with. I've met Jim Grant and he's a super person.

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