Re: Go for it!

Posted by Mark Camp on Jun 23, 2004

Allan, could we use your msword file as a starting point for the content?

More generally, I think there are several aspects to this idea, all of them equally important, but very distinct.

There is the technological side. This concerns web sites, wiki's, etc. Technology can address one of the key limitations of the CLC forum: data persistence. ("Kurt DID post the perfect alternative to Drill-fill-drill, but it was in December, and the forum only goes back to Jan. of this year.")

Then, there is the content side. This is the meat of it. Regardless of the technology used to deliver the content, what we really want to know is, 'just how DO you get the waterstains out of the okoume?' Connecting the builder with the question to the right content--the builder with the answer--is the whole purpose.

Closely related to content is organization. This is where the wiki that we were pointed to, as well as the CLC forum, do not necessarily excel. It is where the CLC instruction manuals and the CLC tip site, to a lesser degree, do very well. "I am ready to start glassing the deck...I need to know how to do that...and not read through 18 ideas about how to do an end pour".

Technical editing is another. This is perhaps the most challenging. "We have here 5 posts on different ways to do flush hatches...which three are publishable, which one is good but only for recreational yak'ers, which one belongs on the pile of things that were tried but really were not the best approach". For this you have to have someone with skill, experience and judgement.

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