Re: Removing Water Stains

Posted by Niels G. Mortensen on Jun 22, 2004

Bo - you can use oxalic acid for this. Quite efficient, but it has to be washed out of the wood thoroughly in order not to create problems with the varnish/paint that follows.

So, a better way - that I have tried recently with some success on mahogany - may be a solution of 10% hydrogen peroxide and 2-3% household ammonia. Use repeatedly on the black spots until they are gone. Wash with clean water, let dry thoroughly, and you're ready to varnish. Wet the wood before any treatment (one or the other). -- Niels

PS. The original advice in Swedish is: "Stryk på en lösning av 10%-ig vätesuperoxidlösning med en tillsats av 2-3% ammoniak över fläckarna. Upprepa tills de inte längre bleks. Tvätta bort lösningen och låt ytan torka ordentligt. Sedan kan du lacka på samma sätt som tidigare." If you know Swedish (!?), follow the link below.


In Response to: Removing Water Stains by Bo Williams on Jun 22, 2004