If it starts like this...

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Jun 22, 2004

I may not survive the process.

So Friday afternoon, a beautiful sunny day, I head out to Houston to get the plywood. A nice drive. Picked up the plywood and admired the beautiful sunny day and thought "we don't need no stinking tarp".

You see where this is going right?

A hour out of Houston. BLAM! Sudden downpour. I slam on the brakes, leap out and throw the tarp over the plywood. Course, the other people on I-10 probably would have perfered that I pull over onto the shoulder and THEN slam on the brakes, but then they ain't carrying $190 worth of FREAKING OKOUME MARINE PLYWOOD IN THE FREAKING TRUCK!

But enough water gets in to stain the ends of all four sheets. But I can work around it. Scarf it, hide in on the inside, etc. Unfortantly I had plans that I didn't know I had (I am married) so I didn't get to touch the wood all weekend.

Monday, a sunny beautiful day, I get the sides cut and all scarfed and glued by evening. And I'm a little tired and it's such a beautiful sunny evening I think "I'll just relax now and run over to Home Depot in the morning and get the wood for the shear clamps and such".


Yeah, woke at at 5am to thunder and pouring rain. Got up about 7 and had breakfast out and waited out the rain. Hey, it's stopping! Fly to Home Depot, fly though Home Depot, throw the stuff in the back of the truck, reach in my pocket for the keys and BLAM!

Wood couldn't of got too wet. At the speed I was driving home the drops should have been going horizontal over the bed. So I slam into the driveway and hit the garage door opener so I can throw the wood in. Arrrg! The end of the scarfed pieces is right at the door. Put door back down so it's only a few inches open and slide the wood in.

Go inside and have a second breakfast.

Of Shiner.

I'm convinced that I have a guardian angel. I'm also convinced that he's a practiacal joker with a lousy sense of humor.

But the yak is offically started.