Re: Foot Braces

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 22, 2004


Gotta respectfully disagree on 2 points.

1. "any old cheapie plywood". At the very least it should exterior grade just in case water gets into it somehow. If you scrounge up the best possible exterior grade you'll save weight, expense and time on epoxy, fillers and sanding. And if you use marine okoume, it'll be that much lighter.

2. The forward bulkhead also provides stiffening for the forward structure. How important the exact location is depends on the which boat you're talking about, so it ought to be considered on a boat by boat basis. You're probably right about being able to get away with it on most boats, but whay take a chance?


In Response to: Foot Braces by Kurt Maurer on Jun 22, 2004