Foot Braces

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 22, 2004

I built my Cormorants with a tilted forward bulkhead that acts as my foot brace. I won't do that again however, as it IS a good idea, if you have short legs like me, the provide for longer paddlers in case some hot dog has something to teach you. And yes; this has been happening a lot lately...

But if I am going to use adjustable foot braces, I can think of no Earthly reason why I ought not brace the forward end of the rails against the forward bulkhead. This not only results in the strongest possible installation, but guarantees I do not locate the bulkhead too far forward.

The rear bulkhead location is part of the design equation, and ought to stay where located; but the forward bulkhead merely accomodates the paddler, and can thus be adjusted back if you happen not to be on the long end of the human spectrum. If you can do so, you reduce cockpit flooded volume while increasing forward compartment bouyancy (and/or stowage) volume... and it is easy to do. If you need to make a new bulkhead, any old cheapie plywood will serve the purpose admirably.

Cheers, Kurt

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