Re: Cockpit fiberglass fi

Posted by George on Jun 22, 2004

What Kurt said; when you start moving that epoxy around, the fiberglass will pretty much stay where you put it. Go easy on it, or you'll have a lot of extra weight.

As an aside - I like the fiberglass on the forward sides of the cockpit; it's where the footbraces go, and I think the trade off of strength/weight is worthwhile. I also epoxied 'studs' instead of drilling; the fiberglass layer stiffens this area up nicely, as well as added strength. The tendency, at least in my case (1st build) is to slather the ol' epoxy on (keep repeating "less is more, less is more"), exactly opposite of what you want. Just wet the FG out, scrape off the excess, and you'll be in good shape. I didn't do a fill coat on the cockpit interior. Gives you a bit of 'grip' for when you are getting in/out, keeps your weight down, and is plenty strong. I ran my FG to just under the shears, but again, with a stingy fill coat, there isn't much of a weight penalty.

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