Light Boat for Work Outs

Posted by Howard on Jun 22, 2004

wanted to know if anybody had experience with kayak racing package -- the CLC option to sell you their kit with 3mm sides compared to regular 4mm.

am particularly interested in lightest easiest to carry boat...with moderate to good rowing performance....i launch from a dock..and use for its basically an hour a day of flat water work out early in the morning.

i have to carry the boat from its storage area to the water...kind of a long walk....would like an easy to carry boat.

already have built the regular 17lt...but would like one lighter for local exercise regimen.

do you really get the weight savings (2 to 5 lbs)....any problems introduced in construction? any other suggestions for ensuring lightest construction?

I would like to target an all up weight of 35 to 40 lbs...current 17lt comes in at it possible to acheive weight goal with a moderate performance kayak? do you have to go to the pax models or are there other designs that are likely to get you there within the CLC family...or from other manufacturers.

thanx for your help.