Re: Wing Paddles

Posted by John S. on Jun 21, 2004

Let me put in my two cents. You don't have to be a racer to enjoy the benefits of the wing paddle. I'm a recreational paddler who likes to extract every bit of potential speed from my boat just for the pure fun of it. I enjoy a good workout and the Wing paddle with its low swing weight (23.6 oz for an epic Mid Wing adj.)and virtually no slippage, has replaced my Grey Owl Spindrift @ 32 Oz. My shoulders feel a lot better. And important to me, my cruising speed has increased. Don't let visions of Olympic athletes flailing the water with Wing paddles deter you from employing one recreationally. Into the second season with my Pax 20, I use the Wing paddle exclusively.

In Response to: Re: Wing Paddles by LeeG on Jun 21, 2004