Re: Wing Paddles

Posted by LeeG on Jun 21, 2004

it's true. But like riding a $3000 bicycle it won't make you faster unless the motor is up to it. I took a stroke clinic from an Olympic paddler who was also a rep. for the biggest paddler manufactuer you'll find in shops,,he said that the wing paddle is for the extra few % of speed,,if you don't have the horsepower and technique,,it's wasted potential. The wing blade is for FORWARD efficiency,,you gotta have the musculature and conditioning to make use of it. Kind of like clip pedals on a bicycle but not having the technique to spin,,having clip pedals but still stomping pedals is a waste. There are a LOT of paddle strokes worth learning before going for racing technique,,like sculling brace to prevent going over,,wing paddles aren't that forgiving when you're still learning how to transition one stroke into another for steering or bracing.

In Response to: Wing Paddles by Mac on Jun 21, 2004