Re: Go for it!

Posted by Mark Camp on Jun 21, 2004

What I think Joe is envisioning is basically the (excellent) CLC tips site (not this forum, but another link from CLC home page), but with one big improvement.

It would be collaborative, so we would soon see MANY of the collective tips that show up on this forum, rather than just those techniques that CLC had the time to write up.

So it would have the best of both worlds:

--The forum world:

--o--collaborative and exhaustive (covers every aspect and numerous alterntives)

--The CLC tips site:

--o--persistent, organized, and filtered

The key stumbling block to long-term success may be the editing. The forum doesn't need it. And the CLC site has someone assigned, who can manage it because there are a small, close-knit number of authors and a manageable amount of content.

Joe's site will face have a challenge to address.

In Response to: Go for it! by AllanG on Jun 21, 2004