Re: Primer & Paint Questi

Posted by Charlie Tuna on Jun 21, 2004


I used the ROS on the primer not on the paint. It was my understanding that you wanted the primer to remain only in the low areas and in my case the pin ones.

But I am a little concerned after hearing about the primer and its tendency to absorb moisture. After performing the wet sanding on it, I am sure it got loaded with water. I am letting it dry in this Texas heat since yesterday so hoping that if should be baked by tonight. There are only a few small dime size spots that still have primer on them as well as the pin holes.

As for the paint, I was going to do the wet sand and scrub with the 3M brillo like pads. I hope this will give me the finish I have been slaving over the past couple days.


In Response to: Re: Primer & Paint Questi by Mac on Jun 21, 2004