Good wood and sources

Posted by SB on Jun 21, 2004


I am about to install the deck on my boat and am looking to get a little fancy after being inspired by Kurt's website and others. I would like to do two things.

1. A little bow and stern peice sort of like Kurt's with a lighter color wood.

2. Use the same wood to cut to the coaming for the cockpit to give some contrast. (I am going to paint the boat a darker color so wanted to have some lighter woods in the finishing)

So my questions are plenty.... which wood will be the best to use for this. White oak, birch, ash????? I am somewhat of a novice to the finer details of woodwork. Where can I find good wood for this in the Boston area (any suggestions)?? Will most fine wood suppliers be able to rip this for me into 4mm sheets for the deck and 6mm for the coaming??? I don't have my own capabilities for ripping wood.

Any suggestions tips etc are thoroughly appreciated!!!