Go for it!

Posted by AllanG on Jun 21, 2004

Having read a number of the posts on this topic I am sure I will be howled down... but I think it is a great idea.

I have lurked this and other forums collecting information in preparation for building a kayak - and now have a multi multi page word document with clips on a range of topics. For each step I can now refer to the experience of a number of builders.

Sure, I am doing it the hard way - offsets from the net and the New Kayak Shop Book - but I also have a non existent budget so it works for me.

I have reasonable woodworking experience so that side is sort of OK, but all the tips sure help. Epoxy, well... thank you to all the posts, because without them, as they say in Oz "I wouldn't have a bloody clue!"

To have a place where all of us newbies who say, sure we can do this this, but who really think oh #*$@ what do I do with the...... can find the answers has got to be a winner.

This forum is a great site, but too quickly the information is gone.

I don't know how you are planning to put your site together, but I think all experienced builders should get behind it to help us newbies, who in turn can help the next group coming through.


In Response to: Re: Collaborative Kayak W by Joe Lombardo on Jun 20, 2004