Re: bow lines - use them!

Posted by Chris on Jun 20, 2004

We spent a long time looking for a racking system that would take 4 yaks on our 87 suburban. Finally gave up and made our own. We took a couple peices of rough cut 2x3 x 7' maple and bolted them to our factory roof racks. Then we installed several steel eyes that bolt through a steel 3"by2" plate, through the roof of the truck, and then into another 2"by3" plate. (had to temporarily remove the interior finish, but those eye bolts ain't coming out that's for sure) So when we tie the boats on, they sit on the racks, but are tied to the eyelets bolted to the truck. However, untill we get our cradles built, we are still using foam blocks and compression. But I always insist on bow and stern lines, and always will, (even if he whines that we're only going a couple miles). We lost one at 110 KM/hour once, and luckily didn't kill anyone, (and also luckily, it was our indestructible poly dimension excell boat, that only took a couple more scratches, we were amazed).

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