Re: Deja vu again

Posted by George on Jun 20, 2004

Unless you really like the look of metal bolts on your hatch lids, I'd encourage you to fashion a simple 'hook' using some scrap okoume. Actually, the ideal might be to make a one-piece brace/wooden hook, but I simply epoxied small okoume hooks to the ends of the hatch braces. I used an oak 1" dowel, cut 1/2 inch 'wheels', then cut those in half to give a semi moon shape; drilled out or hollowed out the center, and epoxied, re-inforced with fg and epoxy, to the insides of the hull. This allowed placing a bungie (I used a rubber tourniquet) through the holes, and hook this over the hatch hooks. Allows you to easily adjust the tension (I made a knot on one end of the bungie, then tied the other around a small dowel, to allow easy knot take down and adjustment.) I recognize this is probably clear as mud; take a look at Ross Leidys' web site.

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