Re: bow lines - use them!

Posted by dave stanley on Jun 20, 2004

On a 12 hour return from a whitewater trip with the family we shredded a tire on I 87 upstate NY yesterday. In removing the donut spare I cut off my tie loop for the stern which I thread thru the lug nut holes. Up front I also have a permanent loop on a spot about 2 feet in back of the bumper on a Caravan. Twenty years ago in below zero weather I had a boat sail, no, launch aka cruise missle style at a stoplight. The ropes were wet and the knots were like using commercail BX electrical wire and I had trusted a newbie to tie them, actually I think I was warming up in the car after the pool session. The stern loop will go back on today, back left leaf spring carries a spare key duct taped, think that has been needed? 5 times at least. 2 state police stopped to offer assistance and help with safety, my has age changed my views and perceptions.

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