Rough Water

Posted by Mike M. on Jun 19, 2004

Ange and I went paddling today on the long island sound. There were some nice sized waves out there today, some were 3-4 feet I imagine. The double handled them well, we had a lot of fun paddling around in them.

So I got to wondering... how would these wooden kayaks hold up to some more serious waves, i.e. south shore of long island, where you might see 6' waves crashing on shore. I imagine with enough skill (and guts) one could get out into some rough water and really have fun.

I have nowhere near the paddling skill yet to try that, so I figured I'd read into it some more.

After the paddling skill is achieved, the question more poised for this forum would be, how would a chesapeake kayak (I have a double and an 18 right now) or other similar designs handle the abuse of large waves? To get out into the water would probably require blasting through a few crashing waves...that's a lot of force.

Anyway, figured I'd throw that one out there.