Re: bow lines - use them!

Posted by Mac on Jun 19, 2004


Yikes! That's one scarey incident. And it doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to envision what could have been!

Other than the obvious, it scares me that these expensive Thule racks can fail like that. Any idea whahappon?

As I am still rather strapped for money after outfitting my first kayak, I'm still using minicell foam cradles, miles of webbing, rope and more rope when transporting on my Caravan. As I don't trust this method, I'm overdoing it and nothing has even budged.

My intention is to eventually modify the Chrysler racks with all the Thule equipment - but I don't think I'll ever stop lashing everything to everything. If I ever drive off a bridge, that yak's gonna get my van to shore.

Has your friend stopped shaking yet?

In Response to: bow lines - use them! by Chris Taylor on Jun 18, 2004