Re: Glassing Deck questio

Posted by RogerJ on Jun 19, 2004

Homer, I think the tape to catch drips is placed lower on the hull than the fiberglass tape. you could trace your 1" overhang and run the "drip" tape along that line. Also tape any paper or plastic you plan to use to futher protect your hull at this time. (epoxy can run right over the drip tape otherwise) Some recommend useing another layer of heavy duty clear packing tape run over the top of the drip tape. If your overlap sags over the packing tape you can carefully trim it with a razor blade. as epoxy does not well adhere to the plastic packing tape.. An' you thought you were confused before.... Happy glassing !-) RogerJ

In Response to: Glassing Deck question... by Homer on Jun 19, 2004