Re: advice on a Chesapeak

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jun 18, 2004

Dave: Those fitting charts are just a general guideline. I am exactly your size and my wife is 5'9" and 115. Our 16 and 17 LTs are fine for us. We even switch boats and I'm fine in her 16LT. The regular 16 will give you one more inch of freeboard and a stronger rear deck and is, in my very subjective opinion, a little prettier.

Also, unless you want to haul a big load of camping gear on a regular basis, having a boat that is slighly too small rather than too big gives you a bit lower and more stable ride.

If it's a good deal, go for that kit and save some $.


In Response to: advice on a Chesapeake 16 by dave on Jun 17, 2004