Re: Gee, Joe...

Posted by Joe Lombardo on Jun 18, 2004

There are two main elements to what I was proposing.

First, Boatbuilders would have a place to keep their own online journal related to boatbuilding. A place where they can post construction pictures, lessons learned challenges and questions. Much like Kurt's site. Readers can either follow a specific boatbuilder's journal or track all recent journal entries on the site (the second view would feel a bit more like this forum)

Second, the journals would be categorized manually by me or by the writer making it easy for visitors to study up on specific building steps, techniques or ideas.

In my mind this is a more complete resource. A place where you can follow a boatbuilder as he/she builds their boat, keep in touch with a great boatbuilding community and tap the shared wisdom of builders before you.

I hope I've expressed myself more clearly.

- Joe

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