Re: flush hatch mold

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jun 18, 2004


I finally got to your site which has been helpful (I had been trying to access it from an outdated link in an old thread on flush hatches). I have the flush hatch kit from CLC and was intent on using the little tabs mounted on the deck. But then I got to thinking about drilling 12 holes through the deck and decided to try internal bungies first. I had a brainstorm (well, okay, a brainsprinkle maybe) after installing the hatch frames -- I think I will put metal hooks (maybe some eyebolts that have been opened up a bit) on the frames themselves and then find some way of attaching them to the sides of the hull with bungies. That is the current theory, anyway.


In Response to: Re: flush hatch mold by Tony Calvert on Jun 17, 2004