Re: I am a mega geek

Posted by Mike M. on Jun 17, 2004

Hi Joe,

I love sites like that. I've built 3 boats now, but really if the information is organized well, the site can have content for all levels of builders.

My kayak site now is a subset of is less mainly because i can only add so much content myself. However, i am moving to a new internet host soon, one that supports and SQL server, so within the next few months I will be launching a new site with more functionality

things like, ability for users to comment on articles, pictures etc. Ability to add sections on the fly, organize them and permission other people to come in and add pictures and content. Basically, if you're a tech geek like me, I'm working on my own content management system. Keeps me busy on the train ride to manhattan every day. :)

Mike's Kayak Page

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