Re: not broke?

Posted by LeeG on Jun 17, 2004

Allen, that's exactly what I did for that Ch18,,full sized side panels but the aft deck was like an LT. If you put the aft hatch at least a foot back from the coaming that'll help. The other thing is adding another 1" wide 4mm strip on top of the existing one at the forward edge of the aft deck. The easiest thing before that is a layer of 6oz cloth on the underside from bulkhead to hatch. If you put the glass on before the deck goes on it'll be VERY easy and only require little 1/16" pre-drilled holes so the ring nails don't push the glass off when driving the nails into the sheer clamp. Don't worry about it going on,,if the epoxy is a day old,,not wet but tack free and green it'll bond well. When I made a Northbay that's what I did as well as the CH18. another thing is to taper the exposed edge on all under deck wood reinforcements so there aren't any sharp epoxied edges to cut knuckles or bags.

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